The additional cost is per PAIR of lenses, for lenses other than standard single vision (which is FREE☺).

HMC – Antireflex coating (AR) and Quartz Anti-scratch Hard-coating (HC) is included for all lenses, which it always should be for quality optics.

There is a large variety of lenses, build on advanced German technology. Long distance – for daily wearing, TV and driving – short distance for computer and reading use – the combination progressive lenses or just any combination.

Panto Sun

Premium optical sunglasses with and without optical correction– with AntiRelex and Hard Coating.
The mirror lenses are awesome – the coolest sunglasses there is. However it is difficult to take a good photo of them. The SILVER lens is like a silver mirror, the BLUE is of course all blue. Technically, the brown, the grey, the polarized and the photocromic are probably the very best sunglasses.

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